5 things to remember between supermarket shelves!

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5 things to remember between supermarket shelves!

When we say that grocery shopping is one of the trendiest social activities we all do, it won’t be a hasty generalization.

Wandering around supermarket shelves, looking at those potato fryers your kids begged you to get home, the kitchen equipment your wife had been nagging about for the past couple of months and that coffee machine you really need to buy for your workplace you get dizzy.

However, away from the restaurant equipment, all those dishwashers, and all those machines; there comes the most interesting part of grocery shopping, which is FOOD!

Let us show you 5 tips for a healthier grocery shopping between supermarket shelves:

1. Write your list: before you get to the supermarket you have to make sure you got your list on you. Make up a list of healthy foods; this shall help you resist temptations.

2. No empty stomach: make sure you don’t go moving between store shelves with an empty stomach. You do not need to end up with number of impulse buys in your cart!

3. Veggies for life: every person has to consume 5 servings of veggies a day to keep a healthy lifestyle, so make sure those veggies (fresh or frozen) take up the matching portion of your grocery cart.

4. Canned foods on top: although you might think to yourself that fresh or frozen foods are healthier than canned foods placed on those supermarket shelves, well you got it all wrong. Those foods are as nutritious as fresh and frozen ones.

5. Do your final checkup: do not forget to double check your cart, make sure that it contains 50% of veggies and fruits, 25% of lean and plant proteins, 25% whole grains, do not miss healthy fats like avocado, seeds, nuts, butters and liquid oil. Those supermarket shelves are pretty tempting but you can be wise and go healthy!