All About Potato Fryers

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All About Potato Fryers

The Potato Fryer is essentially a chip pan with an electric plug, thermostat control and a sealed lid. It’s these features that set it apart from the humble chip pan, particularly the thermostat control in that you’re guaranteed the correct cooking temperature is reached and maintained so the risk of overheating and causing a fire is minimized.
The sealed lid is an added safety feature in that even if the vegetable oil spits and boils-up too much when you first add the chips it’s contained eliminating any risk of being burnt by hot spitting oil or the oil rising up and flowing over the top.

The sealed lid also reduces steam significantly, it comes with a filter which you are supposed to change regularly; but we don’t bother with the filter because it traps too much moisture from the chips which ends up condensing into the oil and making the chips soggier. So we just remove the filter to let the steam out naturally and use the deep fat fryer near an open window or close to a cooker hood.

Another really good feature with Potato Fryers is that you can lower and raise the basket with the lid closed and you can park the wire basket in the up position. This is particularly neat in that you can close the lid before lower the wire basket eliminating any risk of any spitting oil hitting you. It also means that if the chips are almost ready when the rest of the meal isn’t you can raise the basket for a few minutes (up to five minutes) giving more time for the rest of the meal to cook or be prepared; then lower the basket again for another minute or two complete cooking the chips in the Potato Fryer.

In order to match the rising demand on fried food, Lifco presents newly-designed potato fryers and deep fryers that operate more efficiently, quickly and conveniently. Potato fryers are available in various configurations and range in capacity and other features. We can help you find the perfect potato fryer to cater to your customers’ needs and expand your fried food category, whether you’re in Lebanon, and worldwide.