Behind the scenes of supermarket shelves?!

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Behind the scenes of supermarket shelves?!

It’s the first day of the month, you just got your paycheck and you start thinking to yourself about how you’re going to spend it.

You want it all, that coffee machine you’ve always dreamed of having, that gorgeous potato fryer your friend Linda got last week, that beautiful dishwasher that will save you a lot of trouble and finally that huge popcorn and candy machine you had always fantasized about, to help you make a movie night with your friends more enjoyable, more cinema-like just at home! Not to forget the bakery equipment you had promised your mom for (Christmas last year).

However, your feet lead you to the local supermarket though.

Where you “for some weird reason” tend to spend hours and hours between the supermarket shelves… Moving from one section to another passing by all the refrigerators, that are stuffed with your favorite food, all the colorful kitchen equipment which you collect not only for usage, but also for fun, your hand keeps on grabbing one item after the other.

Suddenly, you take a look at your watch and you are shocked because you just spent two long hours wandering around the store shelves, and putting items in your basket like a hypnotized person!

3 secrets to know about the wicked tricks that are between supermarket shelves:

1. Everything well-placed: based on perceived buying behaviors, store shelves and supermarket shelves are set and reset. Nothing you see is put in its place randomly, every item located upfront, well that was paid for to be done. Not to forget that all the items that are placed at an adult sight level are more expensive ones.

2. Expiration dates may be meaningless: well, the not so good news is that those expiration dates you see on different items placed on may easily be manipulated by store managers. It’s been done and it’s been witnessed.

3. Time doesn’t exactly go fast between supermarket shelves: do you ever find windows or clocks anywhere near supermarket shelves?! Well exactly. Between all those store shelves it feels like you’ve been disconnected from the world outside, no sense of time. You keep on making laps with your shopping cart and according to research, the slower your pace is while wandering around supermarket shelves the more you tend to purchase.