Five Tips for better Refrigeration

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Five Tips for better Refrigeration

Looking for a quick and efficient maintenance or repair related to your refrigerator equipment, be it close to your eyes or hard to locate because it is behind a unit or up against a wall?

Working with repair and maintenance by yourself or explaining to a maintenance contractor what work needs to be done, you should first of all stick to these few tips for securing maximum efficiency and durability of your Refrigerators equipment. These tips are:

Maintain equipment 
Periodic check of refrigerant levels and maintenance of evaporator coils clean from excessive ice buildup is the best way to assure longer durability of your Refrigerators equipment.

Keep doors shut 
Keep refrigerator doors shut to prevent fluctuations in temperatures that damage food and cost money.

Check temperature settings –
Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the best recommended setting for maintaining your refrigerators equipment and set temperatures between -14°F and -8°F for freezers and between 35°F and 38°F for refrigerators.

Clean cooling coils 
Always clean cooling coils from dirt and debris to assure proper heat transfer, efficiency and capacity of refrigerators.

Check door seals 
Always replace worn seals and gaskets on refrigerators and freezer doors with tight ones and install automatic door closers, plastic strip curtains and night covers on both vertical and horizontal display cases to prevent warm air from entering and creating ice buildup.

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