Four General Tips for Maximizing Pallet Rack Safety

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Four General Tips for Maximizing Pallet Rack Safety

Pallet rack usage can be very useful if installed in a facility because of what goes in it of helpful ways to pack your items properly. However, designing and installing them in the best and safest way possible can help protect your items, your facility, and your workers. Since every warehouse is different and every facility will have different requirements, these general tips should give you a good starting stand to help maintain proper pallet usage and ensure safety for your workers and items.

Ensure Proper Installation

Correctly installing the beams of the rack & sustaining them erectly on the floor, to ensuring they handle the recommended items and installing them on the required surface that prevents accidents and the falling of items and debris is the key step to pallet rack safety and usage.

Make Sure Loads Are Properly Placed and Managed

Set the reasonable amount of packages to be placed on the rack to assure that it is utilized properly and safely and in a way unwanted movement, damage, or injury is prevented from erupting. This can come through training your staff to place items on the pallets in a properly tied, stabilized, balanced and secured manner.

Install Safety Measures on the Pallets

Assure safety guard panels are installed on the pallet covering the length of the rack to help keep items from falling down to the floor – or worse, injuring someone in the process.

Keep the Area Clean and Well-Lit

Ensuring pallet safety and being in a good condition for usage starts with cleaning the area where it is installed, freeing it from obstacles and ensuring it is well-lit. The idea is simple and can be implemented by maintaining proper housekeeping, preventing unrelated items to be thrown here and there aside the installed pallet and providing proper industrial lighting, to make sure visibility is maintained wherever the pallet is installed.

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