How can you handle storage of sudden influx of items?

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How can you handle storage of sudden influx of items?

Several measures need to be taken by facilities and warehouses to incorporate the arrival of various products from large pallets of items to bulkier individual parts of various size and shapes to make them stored in the most economical way possible, especially in preparation for the upcoming Holiday rush or any sudden request or demand.

Some of these measures include increasing the staff number, various picking and packaging processes and equipment, training you staff members on these processes and operations….

However, the most demanding measure is to add some extra industrial storage to make sure you have room for the sudden influx of items, for there’s nothing that will upset customers more than knowing that the perfect item they need for Christmas or on a sudden stoppage won’t be there in time.

While searching for a number of different industrial shelving and storage options to increase your overall storage capacity while providing extra flexibility for larger, more cumbersome products, bulk storage comes to your rescue making you benefit from its specialty in design for:

Storing Heavier Items
These bulky storage racks are made to keep and store larger goods like huge shipments that need to be kept together, larger individual items, or anything you need. Their sturdy design and construction will keep these larger items for longer periods of time, safely away from smaller items that might need to be used more frequently or are at greater risk of damage.

Freeing Up Room on Other Shelves
These bulky storage racks also allow you to keep storing more frequently-used, standard-size parts, SKUs and less heavy inventory on the shelves that used to be stuffed without having them moved for accommodation of heavier items. These bulk shelving can accommodate a lot of heavy items from construction materials to automotive parts and a lot more of items you need to keep in your facility that might be of an unusual shape or a bulky size.

Reducing Need for Lift Equipment
These bulky storage racks with their more compact design than many other shelving types allow you to store items by hand without the expense and time investment of forklift operators or other types of lift equipment. This helps to save room in your facility or warehouse, reduce the amount of work and strain on a forklift you have, possible purchase of another forklift to handle extra load, expenses by eliminating or reducing the need for lift equipment, and saving wear and tear on any equipment already in place.

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