YLG-A1 Refrigerators

LifcoYLG-A1 Refrigerators

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Save energy in high efficiency
Unique airway structure, the temperature of the cabinet is uniform
The LED illumination make the drinks better to see
Precise automatic control, stable properties
With curtain structure, keep warm for a long time, saves energy efficiency .
With a water box with a warming tube in it which can smelt away the frost.

Dairy, drinks, daily supplies, grocery

*Stairy style streamlined air curtain, high efficiency.
*Unique ventilation passage for every shelf to ensure even temperature distribution.
*LED lighting (different color can be set by user) enabling best displaying effect.
*Precise and stable auto-defrosting.
*Night curtain ensuring long stable temperature and energy saving.
*Defrosting with heating pipes.

*Our beverage refrigerator showcase can be used as beer cooler showcase which requires the cooling temperature of 2~10ºC to keep cool for the most delicous taste
*Beverage & brewery companies can also use our beverage cooler showcase as standdard beer bottle cooler, cake display fridge cabinet, beverage bottle cooler showcase,drink display chiller cabinet & juice refrigerated display case for all beverages,juices,beers & soft drinks.
*The cooling system of our beverage display cooler cabinet can be optional direct cooling or fan cooling system which makes the internal cabinet efficiently & evenly cool by circulating air inside the beverage cabinet.
*The internal cabinet wall of the beverage display refrigerator cabinet is made by high quality plastic-painting aluminium sheet.
*The refrigerated beverage display case is with convenient use with adjustable temperature thermostat for different range of temperature to be used as bottle cooler like beverage cooler, drink cooler, beer cooler and wine cooler etc.
*The beverage showcase cabinet is elegantly designed
*Light top box canopy on the cooler top of the beverage refrogerated showcase with customer’s logo gives attractive commercial advertisement for the beer brewery or beverage brand names
*Internal light inside the beverage bottle cooler cabinet can be switched on to display drinks & beverages cooled inside at night
*The beverage cooler showcase is available with optional customized printing on the side panels of the vertical display fridge cabinet for attrative commercial advertisement purpose
*Unique Function: Our Beverage Display Refrigerator Showcase is with Built-in Defrosting Heating Wire on the Glass Door for Automatic Defrosting & Avoiding Moisture on Glass Surface for Clear Transparency

External Dimensions L*W*H (MM) : 900*700*2100MM

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