Lifco Technical & Trading Co. specializes in supplying and producing durable multipurpose commercial refrigerators all available in Lebanon, Nigeria, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar Africa, and the GCC region. Our wide selection of refrigerators and freezers are suitable for your everyday needs and are guaranteed to deliver the quality you aspire for in refrigerating and freezing.

Whether you own a hotel, a restaurant, a retail store, or a supermarket, you definitely need refrigerators that have the high inner capacity with remarkable display competency. Well, that’s exactly what we promise you! What’s more, Lifco provides you with high quality multipurpose commercial refrigerators that are energy efficient, distinguished in the air circulation system, high performance, and definitely the best refrigerating and freezing solutions in the marketplace.

Beer cabinets, commercial vertical freezers, deli cases, meat cabinets, ice storages, ice tables, ice-cream cabinets, island freezers, multi-deck cabinets, refrigeration and stainless steel cabinets are among the wide variety of the refrigerating equipment we provide.