Store Shelves


Lifco is ready to help you organize and set up your store so smartly so as to meet and exceed all expectations. We customize it whether it’s store shelves heavy duty or light duty to shop-fit your retail store no matter what the challenges might be. Lifco Technical & Trading Co. ensures optimum harmonization in spaces and contents and matches up store shelves smartly while taking into consideration issues such as storage capacity, diversity of measurements, and all other unique functionalities.

No matter how conventional the idea might seem, but store shelves had played a crucial role in increasing stores efficiency and profitability. Therefore, we ensure optimum creativity in designs and make sure store shelves we manufacture and supply are durable, consistent, and extremely functional.

Lifco helps you equip your stores and warehouses with well-designed store shelves along with other related accessories which will definitely assist you in organizing and displaying your merchandise in the best way possible and entirely more appropriate than ever before. Lifco store shelves are available in Lebanon, Nigeria, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar Africa, and the GCC region.