Reach supermarket shelves and stay!

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Reach supermarket shelves and stay!

Whenever you find yourself in the state of craving something to eat, when you go to visit the supermarket to do your weekly shopping or when you just go and wander between supermarket shelves out of a certain feeling of boredom; you cannot by notice how on different supermarket shelves, the same product is to be found in more than one brand.
We’re going to tackle the issue of the layout on supermarket shelves directly, we will let you know how you can make it to the supermarket shelves of a store, use it as a marketing tactic and stick there.

The 4 steps that you can use to get to the supermarket shelves and stay:

1. Give them a piece of the cheese: you can’t expect food brokers and distributors to sell for you, especially if you’re starting fresh; you go your sales yourself, go to those stores and give them samples of your product so they would be convinced about placing it on their supermarket shelves.

2. Good follow-ups, reach supermarket shelves: call to remind them of who you are, after you visit a store the owner would just forget about you and your samples. This is exactly why you should maintain a good follow-up so you ensure your product a safe place on those supermarket shelves.

3. Easy come, easy go: this is not some dusty proverb, it is real life where you have to sweat in order to get to your goal. Going from 5 stores that place your product on supermarket shelves, to 500 stores placing your product on their supermarket shelves isn’t going to be easy but it’s definitely going to be worth it; it is going to take time, money, systems, maintenance and sweat.