Refrigerators for Patisseries: Tips on making your pastries last longer!

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Refrigerators for Patisseries: Tips on making your pastries last longer!

If you are a patisserie, most likely, you have your own ways on how you can preserve the freshness and the taste of your pastries. Perhaps you are using refrigerators for patisseries that are durable enough help you retain the palate and savor of your desserts. If not, maybe this is the right time for you to invest in these kinds of refrigerators and give your customers those best-tasting desserts they like about your patisserie!

Don’t worry, we, Lifco Technical and Trading Co. has all the restaurant equipment that you need, including the ones for cold room, dough mixers, bakery equipment, and many others. We offer almost all the machines that you need for your commercial place like your patisserie and you can rest assured that our products are sturdy and long-lasting – perfect for your everyday tasks.

And in this article, we will tell you some tips on how you can preserve your pastries and maintain its appearance and taste so that you will be able to give the best kinds of pastries for your faithful customers and consumers.

For your storage:

  • You have to make sure that your coolers are set at proper cooling temperature – this varies on which pastry you are displaying and what kind of equipment you’re using.
  • You can cover the pastries with plastic wraps if you are going to display them in slices.
  • You need to have a separate display shelf for your pastries and keep it few meters away from your other products like meat, fish, or poultry.
  • Take extra caution when moving or transporting your pastries, most especially your cakes, so not to disrupt its appearance and decorations.

To keep them fresh:

  • Of course, when you serve your pastries to your customers, you would also want to keep them fresh so, it’s best to put it in a paper bag or plastic wrap.
  • When you serve your pastries to your customers, it’s crucial for you to heat them up in a microwave to attain crispness and freshness of the pastry.
  • It’s a knowable fact that you must refrigerate your pastries to avoid sogginess.
  • When you are presenting your pastries to your customers, it’s best to slice, cut, and box them in a careful way, so not to squash them.

Patisserie is a good industry to partake in – most especially because people love desserts and sweets. To be successful in this endeavor, you just have to be careful with the procedures, storing, and delivering of the pastries so that you will be the most favoured patisserie in your local area!

And if you need any supermarket equipment or materials for your patisserie, never hesitate to come to us and contact us – we will give you all the kinds of machines that you need and we will help you in deciding which ones are best for your patisserie business.