See Lifco’s Outstanding Work the Zakka Market, a Proof of their Excellence

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July 19 , 2018 |

See Lifco’s Outstanding Work the Zakka Market, a Proof of their Excellence

Just recently, we, Lifco Technical and Trading Co. took the quest of helping the establishment of the Zakka Market in Lebanon.

As a leading supplier of kitchen and restaurant equipment, we, guarantee that all our products are made with utter professionalism and meticulousness. The intricate details that cover each of our equipment surely help in its efficiency and durability.

Through our products, different industries benefit from all our supplies. Presently, we are known as a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and trader for all kinds of supermarket shelves, store shelves, refrigerators, kitchen equipment, and even shopfitting requirements.

In Zakka Market, we were able to fit all the equipment that they need and organized it in a seamless manner inside their spacious market. Through this, it can effectively make their future customers to roam around their enterprise without too much hassle and see the systematized arrangement of their products which can affect the way their customers view their brand.

At Lifco Technical and Trading Co., all of us collaborate together and work in unison to make sure that we will be giving only the best types of services and equipment to all our faithful clients. We have been in the industry long enough to know what exactly is required – and do our greatest effort to deliver them to our clients.

And the shop fitting service we did for Zakka Market is just a proof that we know how to execute the visualizations of your own market and turn it into reality. We take your requests, vision, and plans, and we help in making this real. No matter what you need for your supermarket, we can give it to you – starting from the shelves, the refrigerators, ovens, and the others.

Hence, if you are looking for restaurant equipment for sale or restaurant supplies for sale, come and contact us at Lifco Technical and Trading Co., to find all the kinds of supermarket equipment that you will need for your market, or even the kitchen equipment that you must have for your restaurant or kitchen as well.

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