Shelving Tips That Can Maximize your Space & Generate Income in your Supermarket

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Shelving Tips That Can Maximize your Space & Generate Income in your Supermarket

As a supermarket owner, you should know that spacing is imperative when it comes to generating income from your commercial place – this can also be a factor why your customers would keep on coming back for you. You also have to get the best supermarket equipment that you will use in your place to guarantee that everything will be set properly.

Looking for convenience store equipment might require you a bit of effort because these materials can make or break you – meaning, the ones that you use to hold and display your products must be durable and sturdy enough to withstand any kind of unforeseen happenstances; however, at Lifco Technical Trading Co., we ensure that all the equipment that we supply are made from the best qualities. We work with renowned brands to guarantee that we will deliver only the finest products to all our faithful clients and customers.

We don’t just sell products but we help you in organizing and fitting your shelves to make your supermarket become spacious and accessible to your shoppers.

Moreover, here are some shelving tips to help you attain better spacing:

Visualize – think vertical.

It’s quite understood that you need to display your products at various levels so it will appear visually appealing to the customers. This can also help your customers to access and reach your products easily.

Be creative

Shelving can be done in numerous ways – you just have to bring out your creativeness and try different styles of shelving.

Avoid clutter

Managing your products doesn’t end in just shelving – you have to maintain the orderliness of your commercial place and avoid a cluttered look so that your customers will not give you a bad impression.


Top Shelf

You can put all the best deals in this area – like gourmet brands.

Eye-level Shelf

You should put all your products that came from leading brands in this area because it’s right in front your customers. These brands are willing to pay any amount just so their products will be displayed here.

Kid’s Level

This area is around waist-high and since it’s about the height of children, you can put all the products that can attract them in this area – like cereals, caramelized sweets, drinks, toys, and all other things that can catch the eyes of kids.

Bottom Shelf

All the large parcels and bulk packages should be placed in this area so that your shoppers will be able to reach and lift these products.

Furthermore, as these tips can help you in maximizing your space and generating income to your supermarket, you still need the right materials that you should use and we, Lifco Technical Trading Co., can give this equipment for you – no matter if it’s for restaurant equipment, for a supermarket or for convenience stores. Just come to us anytime and we will supply the products you need.

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