Supermarket shelves shining!

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Supermarket shelves shining!

Moving around supermarket shelves, is something we all do; if not on a daily basis we do it every couple of weeks. However, most of us do not notice the art behind those supermarket shelves, we do not know how the packaging design influences the way products on the supermarket shelves, shine or simply don’t.

Simply because we got so used to the scene and of course not all of us have the specialized knowledge in design to appreciate the importance of the packaging design has concerning the overall design or appearance of the supermarket shelves.

Let’s check out a couple of rules for packaging design that will make products shine hence make the supermarket shelves shine:

1. Simple and clear: 4 seconds is the maximum time an average consumer will dedicate to checking any product separately on the supermarket shelves. This is exactly why the packaging of the product should have a clear, simple yet highly distinct packaging design.

2. Truthfulness: a designer should be very careful not to create a misleading or mismatching package design, because if consumers would find out that the product they selected from supermarket shelves is not as it was shown on the packaging design they will no doubt feel deceived which will eventually lead to poor sales and bad image of the brand.

3. Impact of store shelves: we usually scan around whenever around supermarket shelves, meaning that we see products from afar, we would not approach to get a closer look unless a certain pattern attracts our sight; this ‘’distinctiveness’’ is called the impact of supermarket shelves, this is something retailers do to attract certain purchasers to certain products.

4. Practical usage: whenever we’re wandering around supermarket shelves, we cannot help but select the more practical-looking package of the product. For example if you see a ketchup bottle of glass and another one that is squeezable, no doubt that most people would go for the second when they may their final selection from the supermarket shelves.