The Basic Guidelines for Starting Your Own Commercial Restaurant

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The Basic Guidelines for Starting Your Own Commercial Restaurant

You would think that finally starting your own restaurant as daunting. There are a lot of things to plan and do – coming up with the name is already a tricky task as it is, as well as choosing the right commercial restaurant equipment manufacturers from where you can get all your kitchen equipment from.

Surely, you have to be organized in planning this – each step you take must be thought about and considered in a particular manner. And to help you get started, here are the basic guidelines that you should know:

Know your Target Market

Basically you have to know who will eat in your restaurant. Who will likely choose your restaurant from the rest? Who are the food-service business customers would want to taste your dishes?

  • Generation Y ( Millennial – 1980 – 2000 )
  • Generation X ( 1965 -1980 )
  • Baby Boomers ( 1946 – 1964 )
  • Empty Nesters ( age: 50s )
  • Seniors  ( 65 and older )

These are the categories of food-service business customers – the ones you must focus your business on.

The Basics: Concept, Location, Name

Once you know who you would want to serve food for, you would now be able to come up with concepts, ideas, location, and the name of your restaurant. build or lease a place that is near your target market or where likely would they go to. Be creative with the name and then you can also input crafty designs in your restaurant’s interior, as well.

Food Concept

If you can serve all kinds of food – that’s great. If not, you can choose if you want your restaurant to be all about seafood, if it’s going to be a steakhouse, a family-style restaurant, casual-dining restaurant, ethnic, pizzeria, coffee shop, bakeshop or whatever you want it to be.

Menu: Dishes and Kitchen equipment

Once you’ve already come up with the dishes that you want to make, the next step is to look for restaurant equipment for sale – or purchasing kitchen equipment for your restaurant. All the tools and utensils that you would use in your restaurant are based on the dishes that you will serve. Tips for choosing the right restaurant supplies though are:

  • Stick to your budget
  • Measure your space and make sure the supplies fit your place
  • Choose energy-saving equipment
  • Build relationships with kitchen equipment providers



You have to let the world know about you. You can take advantage of the power of internet or stick with the rational methods like giving out fliers and taking classified ads. Nevertheless, this is also an important fact as to how your brand will be known.

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