The Empowering Benefits of Flake Ice Equipment

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The Empowering Benefits of Flake Ice Equipment

People’s trends and purchasing habits have been changing recently according to a number of studies conducted not long ago, favoring more fresh food items to purchase for enhancing their healthy meals and responding to the assured benefits of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and locally grown foods.

Since supermarkets have always been the primary place to purchase fresh food, frozen food, canned goods, other foods and a broad selection of non-food items, they need to be equipped with cost-effective ways of cooling that help ensure their products’ quality and appearance for maximum salability and ensure customers’ turn out in their stores is not hindered.

Flake ice is widely known for being an effective solution for preserving and displaying seafood items and that is because the ice’s low temperatures and high moisture content helps keep seafood fresh and attractive, increase sales and help supermarkets maintain their profits at

The same health and exposure benefits, efficiency and economic reasoning can be incurred when using flack ice for all other products that range from fruits, vegetables, and juices to seafood, poultry, dips, salad bars, pizza, pasta stations and delicatessen items.

Attributing to flake ice benefits are several other built-in qualities that other forms of ice fail to meet. For instance, flake ice:

-Cools products faster than other forms of ice as it maintains lower temperatures for longer periods of time
-Provides a natural cushion against damage
-Has a far greater surface contact area that itself allows the most efficient cooling
-Creative displays that enhance the look of any food product
-Serves as an excellent & sparkling appearance

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