The Latest Kitchen Equipment that your Commercial Place Must Have

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The Latest Kitchen Equipment that your Commercial Place Must Have

All industries are keeping up with the fast pace of technological advancements in the world we have today. The market has been speeding up and the consumers’ demands are boosting as well; hence it’s advisable if you can level up your kitchen equipment in Lebanon as well, to give better service to your customers.

And you can find all these at Lifco Technical Trading and Co. We are among the most trusted kitchen equipment manufacturers that different enterprises depend on. We give durable refrigerators, store shelves, bakery equipment, ovens, warmers, and all the other kinds of kitchen equipment that you might need in your commercial place. We have been giving robust products for over 30 years already – hence, you can rest assured that we are already knowledgeable enough to manufacture state-of-the-art products.

In fact, in the industry today, a lot of advancements have occurred already – there are a lot of new inventions in kitchen equipment and these products made things easier for business owners and workers because they are perfectly designed to make work fast, efficient, and more reliable. As one of the leading suppliers of kitchen equipment, we will give you an over new about this equipment that you can also use in your own commercial place.

Wifi-Enabled Ovens

 There are ovens that are connected to the internet nowadays – you can use the internet to alter the temperature, cooking mode, and dish that you want to prepare. It can make your cooking to a downtime because this device knows when to turn on the convention or roasting of the chicken, on.


There are fridges nowadays that have the capability to minimize the wastage of food – through numerous compartments, adjustable shelves, and energy-efficient quality. In fact, there are fridge cams that are already available in the market which alert you when the staples are running low already.

Savvy 3d Printers

There are machines now that can print dough in any shape that you like. This device is perfect for those commercial places that serve pastries.

Water Purifier

This is actually a good invention – it has the capability to purify and cleanse the germs and impurities away from the water so that it will be safe to consume.

These are just some of the new technologies that you will be able to see in the kitchen today and you can get it from the best kitchen equipment suppliers in Lebanon like us, Lifco Technical Trading and Co.