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Lifco Technical & Trading co.as it is presently known has achieved a leading status as Manufacturers , Muppliers to be suppliers and Traders of Supermarket Shelves in Lebanon, Store Shelves (heavy and light duty), Refrigerators, Hotel Kitchen, Restaurant kitchen equipment in Lebanon, and Shop Fitting Equipments. It was established in Lebanon since 1992 and it has been a refrigerating designer and manufacturer for supermarkets and cooperatives display for more than 30 years. It has always remained not only consistent but completely contemporary and modern. Consistency is what has allowed it to create its own clear vision of what it wants to do and message it wants to convey. Price is an important issue in its marketing strategy. As Lifco offers the best prices relative to the competitive market..

Lifco Technical & Trading co.applies the rule of business to business strategy in a way it is able to unify the price with high quality standards. Lifco Technical & Trading co.is centered in mid distance between Beirut and the south. It directs three identical branches located in Tripoli, Dikwaneh (Bouchrieh), and Zahrany (south). These branches are the basic image of Lifco Technical & Trading co.throughout Lebanon powered by the factory in Khaldeh.

Only one type of channel of distribution methods Lifco applies. Direct distribution that involves distributing direct from it manufacture factory to the customer. Lifco Technical & Trading co. has undoubtedly been the leader in refrigerator production and manufacturers of supermarket and store shelves, and the sales that go with it. Through this production campaign, Lifco Technical & Trading co. established a name and a reputation for itself which it still holds today.Most people in Lebanon who buys its products don`t know that there is a designer behind the name, they think it is just a name.