Super Refrigerators for happy summer?

As we were kids, many times we used to go on wandering around Supermarket Shelves, next to all the best Kitchen Equipment, terrific Potato Fryers, latest Coffee Machines and high-quality Bakery Equipment and huge Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machines during those extremely hot summer days, just to freshen up in the coolness of those super refrigerators!

However, never did we know that those super cool Refrigerators were not actually doing the environment any good.

Those huge and attractive super-cool Refrigerators included many components that were endangering the environment around if not abiding by green standards that eco-friendly Refrigerators include:

1. Greenhouse gases: those cool Refrigerators we used love during hot summer days as we were kids, are now contributing in the global
warming for they lead to the emission of endangering gases that ensure the coolness of those Refrigerators and leads to a negative impact on mother earth.

2. Power consumption: all the Refrigerators that are found by all those yummy bites on the Supermarket Shelves and Kitchen Equipment, are unmistakably powered around the clock which means that they lead to more of electricity consumption, hence harming the environment in
one way or another.

3. Natural refrigerants: there are solutions though to this issue about Refrigerators containing refrigerants that emit gases which are considered as endangering to the environment. Natural refrigerants are one of the green solutions, in addition to the availability of eco-friendly Refrigerators that would obviously be more expensive, but more convenient for the environment.  

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