BT-A Ice Tables

This is a modern and functional display refrigerator designed to preserve fish at the proper temperature. This is constructed in stainless steel with a tank that has been designed to ensure at all times the best possible display of the product. Stainless steel perforated plate grids are supplied on request and may be placed in the tank for the display of shellfish. The superstructure is in aluminum with curved, it would be an asset to any fish shop or fish market or supermarket fish department.

Frozen fish, sea food, etc.

*High efficiency compressor disposition.
*Fast, depth freezing effect.
*Fully guaranteed the frozen food and the aquatic product maintain freshness the effect, greatly enhances your sales efficiency.

External Dimensions L*W*H (MM) : 2000*1000*800

Drainage : Self Evaporating With External Drain Pipe Connector

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