DDG-C Island Freezer


DDG-C (Island Freezer)

DDG is an Island-site refrigerated case for displaying and sale of pre-packed frozen foods and ice-creams. Two case sizes are available: 2000 mms and 3750 mms, which can be multiplexed, and two versions: single island or double island. Main features are: large loading capacity, low energy consumption, utmost functional use, easy assembling and service. It is standard supplied with: thermostatic valve, heat exchanger between liquid and suction lines, electric defrosting system, and electromechanical control panel.

Ice Cream, frozen food, sea product, etc.

*Single-island cases are the best high capacity self-service display system for frozen food products.
*The commercial success is a consequence of an ergonomic design, optimum space management and outstanding product visibility.
*Island cases are designed for remote condensing unit installation, andn come with detachable baffles to make frost removal easier.
*Optionaln electromechanical or electronic control systems can be fitted allowing for connection to a central monitoring system, a wide range of accessories is available with which to customize the cases.

External Dimensions L*W*H (MM) : 2000*1050*920
Drainage : Self Evaporating With External Drain Pipe Connector

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