LFG-8 Multi-Deck Cabinet


Positive temperature refrigerated multi-deck cabinet, ideal for the preservation and sale of meat, dairy products, delicatessen, precooked meals, fruits and vegetables.

In its latest version, it stands out as a modern design intended to provide great visibility of the product thanks to its wide total display area and its display end-walls.

This versatile cabinet which also comes in a version with integrated swing doors adapts to many types of stores, due to its minimum floor space area.

If you are selling meat and dairy products, this refrigerated multi-deck cabinet is perfect for you. It’s also the best cabinet to be utilized for precooked meat, fruits, and vegetables.

The innovative designs and features of the cabinet allows the maximum display of products. The swinging doors can add convenience to the consumers and this cabinet does not take up too much space in your establishment as well.

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