LFG-B3 Multideck Cabinet


The LFG-B3 production was created to meet those continual requests from customers, who, knowing quality, demand a product really suited to large scale distribution. Large, spacious, well lit and able to create value for any product put on display. It proves the care taken over the material and components used to produce it, together with that innovative ventilation technology guaranteeing continual cold. Its main steel bodywork guarantees duration.

Large-scale selling fields, such as the supermarkets, the convenience stores, the hotels, the uest houses, etc.

Dairy product, meat, fruits, vegetables, drinks, deli food, etc.

*Temperature stabilityn and frost reduction are ensured by a highly developed interior design with air curtains set at different speeds.
*These options allow for a whole varietyn of sales display requirements to be met by considering stock rotation and occupied sales floor area.
*The control of the interior temperature can ben adapted to meetthe needs of different products being displayed.
*Casedn lineup can be finished with shop around end cases for promotional products.

External Dimensions L*W*H (MM) : 2000*950*1950
Drainage : Self Evaporating With External Drain Pipe Connector

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