LFG-E Multideck Cabinet


Keep your products fresh and appealing and maximize your sales with new range of Multideck. Our Multideck products offer excellent open display frontage and even temperature retention throughout. As with all our products, the range is designed with quality, performance, durability, reliability and energy efficiency in mind.
*Great for high product visibility and sales
*Aesthetically pleasing designs fit readily into today’s store layouts
*Range of formats and sizes to suit convenience stores and cafes through to supermarkets
*Large display area for maximum sales merchandising
*All manufactured using high-quality polyurethane foamed shell, ensuring maximum product build quality and reliability.

Four modules available from the LFG-A1, this self-service counter allows a wide and comfortable reach for the product and a maximum visibility of the displayed goods. The depth of the bottom exposition tray is 60 cm and the elegant shape suits the display of the repacked pastry also. The external design belongs to the ”Great Distribution” products.

Large-scale selling fields, such as the supermarkets, the convenience stores, the hotels, the guest houses, etc.

Dairy product, meat, fruits, vegetables, drinks, deli food, etc.

*Temperature stability and frost reduction are ensured by a highly developed interior design with air curtains set at different speeds.
*These options allow for a whole variety of sales display requirements to be met by considering stock rotation and occupied sales floor area.
*The control of the interior temperature can be adapted to meetthe needs of different products being displayed.
*Cased lineup can be finished with shop around end cases for promotional products.

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