PG-F Refrigeration Equipment Machine

The PG is an elegant showcase and is suitable for the display of cold plates, sliced sausages, cakes, desserts, fish, fruits, etc. Thanks to its wide display deck it easily attracts the customer’s attention to the goods on display. It is supported with castors for ease of mobility. The refrigeration unit is placed underneath the worktop.

Apt to supermarket or shopping mall, meat factory to display and sale fresh meat, cooked food, vegetable mixture, prepared food, etc.

*Total open showing space, put into and take out food easily. Apt to selling prepared vegetable and fieldwork meat food.
*Spacious display area, improve product displaying visual effect.
*Wind reasonable design, making more uniform temperature throughout.
*A reasonable indicator light, allowing users to purchase a state of transparent operation.

*Defrosting using electric defrosting, making defrosting more thoroughly.
*Refrigeration system implementation of key components and spare parts will be used for brand-name products.
*Cabinet totally made of stainless steel, cleanness and sanitary, anti-rust, satisfied fresh meat selling necessary.
*Unit adopt imported compressor, cooling system stable, lower noise, refrigeration quickly and uniformly.
*Micro-computer monitor digital thermostat can control temperature of cabinet more precise then save energy for user.

External Dimensions L*W*H (MM) : 2000*1120*950
Drainage : Self Evaporating With External Drain Pipe Connector

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