PJG-C Refrigerators


The technological strength point is the pneumatic system for the frost elimination, without energy waste (copyright). Gastro norm 2/1 refrigerator built in stainless steel inner and outer side, back panel and roof, non-conducted by expanded polyurethane foam without CFC and HCFC (greenhouse gas emission). The Refrigerator R404 is controlled by an electronic system. The automatic defrost, without energy waste, doesn’t necessitate of drip-tray small basins, under the refrigerator. The cooling system, with double evaporator, has one fairing for an optimal distribution of air and a right humidity for all kind of products. Racks and guides are easily to remove thanks to the support and assembling innovation system.

For an optimal inner cleaning, the interior angles have been rounded. The refrigerator is fitted over 4 feet, in stainless steel that can be adjusted or replaced by wheels (if it is required as optional). It has 3 inners sliding grids (mod. 700 liters) and 6 grids (mod 1400 liters). The refrigerator distinguishes him for the particular handle form that is studied and realized to emphasize the refrigerator’s design and to consent an easy opening accessible in every point and for all the length of the door. The easy shape of the refrigerator emphasizes its style!

*overall polyurethane foam, unique sealing design, safety, energy saving and aesthetics; wide climatic zones (ST) design, a wide range of applications.
*built-in energy-saving lamp lighting, and 24 hours have shown the best display results with Wheel Mobile counters foot design, the use of more convenient plus lock device can be allocated for freedom, security more at ease;
*adjustable Hi Fi Rack, according to different items Hi Fi Rack height adjustment.
*plastic spraying aluminum within me, health care, clean appearance;
*hollow glass double doors, forced ventilation defrost.

External Dimensions L*W*H (MM) : 1800*600*1920

Drainage : Self Evaporating With External Drain Pipe Connector

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