V1Series ZLG-A T Stainless Steel Cabinet


ZLG-A (Refrigerated Showcase)

Application: Delicatessen, Cold dish, etc.

Different showcases run at different conditions.Refrigerated showcase is designed for keeping freshness,which runs at 2~8ºC;Heating showcase works between 40~50ºC,mainly for warming of deli food;Normal temp.showcase can be used as an operation board for food processing.Length at 1500mm,1800mm and 2000mmm are available.

Dimension (mm) W*D*H : 2000*900*1350

If you are displaying dishes and foods in your commercial kitchen, then this stainless steel cabinet from Lifco Technical Trading and Co. will be perfect for you. It is adorned with tough glass as well to protect your displayed goods from damage whilst keeping it fresh and warm.

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